1. The contest is open to all junior high school Diwa subscribers nationwide. The school may submit a maximum of four entries or four SIPs.

2. SIPs must be current, relevant, and related to life sciences and physical/applied sciences.

3. All entries must be completed within SY 2018–2019.

4. Participants must submit both the expanded and condensed forms of their SIPs, along with the following documents, which can be downloaded        from


    a.   Fully accomplished BB SIP Registration Form

    b.   BB SIP Abstract Form

    c.    Letter of endorsement from the school administrator or principal

5. SIPs must have the following components:

Minutes per Component                                            Video Component


0:00 – 0:30                                                                 Introduction and Abstract

0:31 – 1:00                                                                 Explanation of Methodology

1:01 – 1:30                                                                 Materials and Equipment

1:31 – 2:30                                                                 Actual Experiment and Procedure

2:31 – 3:30                                                                 Results and Discussion

3:31 – 4:00                                                                 Conclusion and Recommendation

6. All entries must be original. Any entry submitted with evident forms of plagiarism shall be automatically disqualified.

7. Submitted SIPs are considered final and official entries and cannot be replaced. The decision of the judges is final.

8. Entries can be sent through mail at Diwa Learning Systems, Inc, 4/F SEDCCO 1 Bldg., 120 Thailand St. cor. Legazpi Sts., Legaspi Village,              Makati City 1229; through e-mail at; or through your Genyo account. You may also submit your entry to any Diwa      representative in your area. 

9. VLOG entry must be uploaded to the Facebook account/page of the researcher with the caption #BBSIP and the FB account must be set to              Public (we can only access the uploaded video/post if the account is set to Public).

10. The top 4 finalists will present and defend their entries with the panel of judges during the SmartKids Innovation Lab event on January 26,                2019. This will be at Hall 1 SMX Convention Center, Pasay City. After the viewing, the winner will be announced.

All submitted SIPs will become properties of Diwa Learning Systems Inc. Diwa will have the right to publish the winning entries in

print or digital form.


SCIENTIFIC THOUGHT                                                                                  10%

Clarity in the statement of the problem and the purpose of the research

DESIGN AND METHODOLOGY                                                                     20%

Well-defined procedure and appropriate data gathering methods

EXECUTION                                                                                                   25%

Organized collection of sufficient data and accurate data analysis

ORIGINALITY, CREATIVITY, RESOURCEFULNESS,                                 30%


Creative ability in presenting the problem, innovative ideas and means to carry out the project, use of appropriate laboratory equipment and innovative resources

PRESENTATION                                                                                           10%

Clarity and thoroughness of the discussion of the project, completeness of the components of the research project

VIDEO ONLINE VOTES                                                                                5%

The official entry must be posted on Facebook. The entry/post with the most number of likes and shares will automatically get 5% of the final score.

TOTAL                                                                                                         100%


Announcement to schools                          July 16, 2016

Preparation and actual experiment            July 16 to November 30, 2018

Deadline of submission of entries             November 30, 2018

Announcement / Awarding of winners        February 28, 2019



Winners will receive cash prizes, trophies, medals, certificates, Diwa premium items. Winning entries will also be published in the Bato Balani magazine for school year 2019-2020 and will be posted on and other Diwa social media accounts. All participating schools, contestants, and their coaches will also receive certificates and consolation prizes.