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Big leap for robotics taken by Saint John Academy in Bataan

Continuing to be globally competitive is what makes Saint John Academy (SJA) in Dinalupihan, Bataan strive to pursue first-class education. Another innovative step it has taken is to introduce a robotics program for its students.

SJA will be the first private school in Dinalupihan, Bataan to integrate a robotics program in its curriculum. Much earlier, in the school year 2012, SJA was also the first school in the area to implement e-Learning in the area using Genyo e-Learning, the first fully integrated learning management system for basic education in the Philippines.

The robotics program aims to extend science learning through modules of activities and projects which allows the students to apply the science concepts being discussed. It also develops the creativity and ingenuity of students in the different learning fields. Diwa’s support includes a training course for teachers, which was held last May 24, and special kits to facilitate the implementation of the program.

SJA's move on robotics came after they learned about Diwa's robotics learning innovation during a convention of the Catholic Education Association of the Philippines (CEAP). Gemma Yao, SJA principal, said that SJA's pioneering with robotics will help the students gain more edge when they prepare for their chosen field of work. This progressive move manifests the school's ability to embrace changes for their student's sake.

Starting this school year 2018-2019, robotics will be included as a subject for Grade 12 students, fusing Math, Physics, and Information and Communications Technology. It aims to elevate the learning experience of students who are taking STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) strands in senior high school. For junior high school students, robotics will be considered as a co-curricular activity.

Miss Yao claims that the program's implementation will be gradual across the school as they introduce different robotics activities to fully expand their curriculum.

“For now, our vision is to make our school globally competitive in terms of the quality of education we have been giving the students and the formation that we give to the teachers,” stated Yao. Teachers from the Science and Information and Communications Technology (ICT) department have also been trained through seminars and workshops to help students willing to go the extra mile.

SJA's partnership with Diwa on innovative programs has allowed the school to adopt new schemes that help their students exercise their creativity.

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