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Caustic soda: Use

Approximately 50 million tonnes of caustic soda are produced annually and used in many ways in industry - do my assignment . For example, large quantities of caustic soda are needed to break down bauxite ore, which is necessary for aluminium extraction.

Besides aluminium oxide, bauxite mainly contains iron oxide and silicates. Only the aluminium oxide is soluble in hot concentrated caustic soda and can thus be separated from the accompanying substances. It is then precipitated again, dried and used for the extraction of aluminium.

Many things are made of aluminium nowadays - do my math homework - foils and other packaging material, components for shipping, automobile and vehicle construction and much more - everywhere aluminium is used as a rust-free and particularly light metal.

Caustic soda is also an irreplaceable auxiliary chemical for the production of paper and cellulose from wood or for the soap and dye industry and plays a role in many transformation - do my statistics homework , processing and cleaning processes.

In many everyday objects such as handkerchiefs, soap or cotton shirts, it is not obvious at first glance that caustic soda was needed to make these things. Caustic soda is also used in photography or in the baking of lye pastries. For example, the so-called lye pastry is dipped in a diluted sodium hydroxide solution before baking. When baking, this results in the beautiful brown colouring.

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