Vol. 14, Issue No. 3

Introduce Game-Based Learning Using These Apps

by  Melandro Santos

Using games in the context of education is an effective way of enhancing student engagement and learning. Game elements such as reward systems, visual and narrative design, musical score, and interactive mechanics and content, enhance students’ critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and communication. We’ve pulled together several educational game applications that can help you target your students’ different learning styles, and motivate them to continue learning.

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One of the most popular apps right now across all ages in the country, Wordscapes is a word game that combines text twist and crossword puzzles. The app can help enhance your students’ vocabulary and spelling skills with over 3,700 puzzles of increasing difficulty.

DOST Courseware for Junior High School Science
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Content is also available at www.diwalearningtown.com

DOST-Science Education Institute (SEI) developed an interactive multimedia educational application courseware which intends to develop ICT learning and promote an interactive approach to e-learning and blended learning. The Grade 7 DOST Science Courseware is composed of 73 science lessons covering the domains  on  Matter;   Force,   Motion  and  Energy,   Living  Things  and   Their Environment and Earth and Space while the Grade 8 Courseware is composed of 61 biology lessons which include the Parts and Functions, Ecosystems, Heredity: Inheritance and Variation of Traits, Structures and Functions, Biodiversity, and Evolution. The themes of the courseware for Grades 7 and 8 are Magicademy, Freddy’s Lab and D’nayao. The content of this app is highly contextualized in Philippine setting and utilizes narration, characters and games suited to every Filipino student. It is recommended to use headsets while playing this app for better sound clarity.

Available on Android and iOS for FREE
Mayari is a visually stunning mystery-adventure made by Filipino developers from Davao-based company Ingenuity Games. Set in Southeast Asia, the story follows a girl named Mayari as she goes through life in a remote village devoted to a goddess named Idayen. The game is set against a backdrop of Philippine folklore and mythology, with distinctly Mindanao features like characters wearing tribal clothing and architecture inspired by Muslim artwork. More than the brain exercise involved in solving the puzzles presented as you advance in the game, students can get acquainted with the various Filipino and Southeast Asian cultures that heavily influence the game elements. Click here to visit their website and learn more about Mayari.
PhET Interactive Simulations
Available on Android and Windows for FREE
PhET is a collection of 125 interactive simulations for teaching and learning science which encourages optimum student engagement during classroom discussions. The simulations are written in Java, Flash or HTML5 versions and can be run online or downloaded to a computer or smart phones. PhET covers the domains of physics, biology, chemistry, earth science and math. Physics simulations is divided into topics on motion; sound and waves; work, energy and power; heat and thermodynamics, quantum phenomena, light and radiation, electricity, magnets and circuits.
Geography Master
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Geography Master tests players' knowledge of flags, capitals, maps, and landmarks. The game utilizes a multiple choice format to identify which country around the globe is being described by the picture on screen. The straightforward gameplay coupled with additional in-game trivia that pop up regularly can help students refresh their knowledge of geography or even study for their classes while playing.
Code Carbon: The Journey to Sustainability
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This game app was developed by a team of high school students to help other students understand the impact of their decision making in solving the problem of global warming. There are built-in game components that will teach students about cause and effect relationships, environmental science terminologies and the relationship between economy and climate change.  In order to win and survive in the game, the player should balance the energy consumption and demand, money and pollution. This game also promotes adaptation to climate change, sustaining energy research for cheaper energy cost, utilization of renewable energy source and cleaner burning alternatives to fossil fuels.
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Reacquaint students to an age-old Filipino literary form. Bugtong ("riddle" in English) is one of the few games that is not only Filipino-made but also prominently features an important aspect of Filipino culture. Players try to figure out the answer to the riddles using a set of letters to guide them. Every correct answer earns coins that can be used to get hints for more difficult levels. With more than 100 levels to play through, students will surely get the opportunity to deepen their knowledge of the Filipino language.
Code Carbon: The Journey to Sustainability
Available on Android and iOS for FREE
Be a peatland manager! Play this game to protect the peatlands and store as much carbon as possible. Students learn farming, tourism, and the preservation of natural habitats.  Peatlands are wetland ecosystems where layers of soil made of organic material accumulates over time. They play a role in fighting climate change by storing 10 times more carbon dioxide than other ecosystem and keeping it out of the atmosphere. To win this 8-minute game, the players have to increase the carbon stored, minimize greenhouse gases and maintain wildlife health.
Calculator: The Game
Available on Android and iOS for FREE
Calculator: The Game is the app for students who love puzzles and would like to exercise their math skills. The gameplay initially involves doing simple math calculations to go from one number to another using only a set amount of moves. But as the game progresses with increasing difficulty, players would find themselves mixing math with strategy to keep up with the introduction of new functions, equations, and even portals.
BrainPOP Educators: GameUp
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BrainPOP Educators: GameUp is a collection of STEM games, coding exercises, and simulations. Games are organized according to school subjects, grade levels, and time required for play. It is highly recommended that the teacher first play the game before introducing to students, to determine the type of assessment method appropriate for the game. Using the GameUp directory, the students will be able to explore games based on the subject.
Philippine History Quiz
Available on Android FREE
Do students think history is a tedious subject? Why not gamify the learning process? This application tests your students' knowledge of important moments in Philippine history. For questions with higher levels of difficulty, hints are available to guide players. Philippine History Quiz can be used as an additional study material for your classes, ensuring that students continue their education well outside the four walls of the classroom.

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