Vol. 16, Issue No. 5

Be Part of the Education Revolution!

by Anna Bettina Pangalangan

Innovators embrace new ideas, welcome changes, and have a knack for improving systems and processes. These forward-thinking individuals grow their ideas and implement them ahead of their competition.


However, there is no single way to approach innovation. Personalities, coupled with varying ways of problem-solving, will largely affect how the innovative ideas are developed and sustained.


Based on a study conducted by Forbes Insights, there are five types of universal innovation personalities.


The “Movers and Shakers” are the strong-willed leaders. They usually spearhead projects and give the “push” to get things done.


Meanwhile, the “Experimenters” are those who are open to ideas and are at the forefront of developing and executing concepts. They are the perfectionists who thrive on taking risks.


Another personality is the “Star Pupils”, who are deemed as “good in everything” and can make things happen.


Those who are guarded in the way they decide and adhere to systems are categorized as the “Controllers”. They like to take charge and make sure that all things go according to plan.


Lastly, there are the “Hangers-On”, who “bring down the ideas back to earth and tether them to reality”. They provide the balance and tend to choose tried-and-tested methods over those unfamiliar and new ways.

Championing Innovation in Philippine schools

In the academic setting where basic to complex problems arise, the right distribution and mix of the different innovation styles will prove helpful in the long run.


Genyo e-Learning (Genyo), Diwa’s flagship learning management system, is an innovator’s ultimate tool to make real changes happen in the school.


One example is a school in Tarlac City that wants to help parents overseas be more involved with their children’s progress. To do this, they implemented a “Digital Report Card” system through the use of Genyo, allowing parents to see the progress of their children from any part of the globe.

Another school in Pasig City strikes a balance between the sports and academic strengths of students. Through Genyo, student-athletes who compete outside the country get to catch up on their lessons and school output by taking their classes online while they’re overseas.

What is crucial is to find the opportunity to innovate and to have the right team and tools to make ideas get off the ground.

A school in Paranaque City was prompted to come up with a creative way to implement the senior high school program and flip their problem into an opportunity. The school had to address the lack of classrooms during the initial implementation of K-12. They rolled out a hybrid learning set up where students go to school for four days and do online learning from their homes for one day through Genyo. The day allotted for online learning is different per section so that the classrooms can be shared.


Realizing the importance of Civics and Citizenship Education, a school in Naga City lets its students experience a simulation of the electoral process through Genyo. The automated student government election of the school was modeled after the country’s actual automated electoral process complete with precincts and indelible inks.

Moving forward

Innovations come in different forms. What is crucial is to find the opportunity to innovate and to have the right team and tools to make ideas get off the ground.


There are a number of references on the world wide web on innovation and innovation styles. Here is one link to start your journey: https://aeritae.com/innovation-quiz/. Find out what kind of innovator you are and continue the education revolution.

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