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With enhanced accessibility and enriched interactivity, these educational magazines contain various topics and lessons that are delivered in manageable segments and inspire learners to develop new ideas and conduct profound investigations.

  • We have integrated up to two (2) interactive quizzes that come in three types: true or false, multiple choice, and single choice in the digital version of our SEMs.


  • We also added two (2) featured videos in our digital magazines to make the lessons more concrete and visual for students.


  • For the printed copies, we have introduced augmented reality (AR) to the junior high school level of Bato Balani for Science and Technology magazine through Diwa SPARK, a mobile application that can be downloaded in Google Play Store.

  • For Classroom and Remote Learning: Teachers can integrate into their lesson plan the articles and activities found in SEMs. It can help them save time in researching to be able to design effective learning experiences.


  • SEMs are perfect for remote learning: 


1.  Teachers can assign to his/her students the activities found in the magazine during asynchronous learning sessions. 

2.  Students may refer to the different sections of the magazines and use them as additional references for their assignments and other requirements. 

  • SEMs are available in both print and digital formats, the latter of which can be accessed via Genyo e-Learning and Diwa Learning Town.


  • Schools subscribed to the print version of SEMs are given free access to the digital versions of the magazines they ordered.

  • To make teachers aware of strategies to maximize SEMs in learning delivery, we organize regular utility trainings with educators throughout the school year. 

  • To recognize the creativity and ingenuity of Filipino junior high school students in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM), we conduct the annual Bato Balani Search for the Best Science Investigatory Project—a program by our premier science magazine Bato Balani for Science and Technology.

  • SEMs inspire students to develop a love for reading and learning by offering them short, age-appropriate, localized, and informative articles and activities.  


  • Each magazine comes with a Teacher’s Guide and Editorial Content.


  • Topics presented in these magazines are compliant with the Department of Education’s Most Essential Learning Competencies (MELC).

To know more about Diwa 5G Magazines, contact the Diwa Sales Representative assigned to your school.


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