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Education. Evolved.

While the shift from in-school to remote learning has been abrupt and unprecedented, we at Diwa have been more than ready to serve the needs of our stakeholders by offering the next generation of digital and printed learning resources that are designed to make teaching and learning happen in the classroom, at home, or anywhere. 


Diwa 5G is an innovative suite of educational resources that provides rich learning experiences for students, inspires creativity and productivity in educators, and amplifies the power of schools to change lives. 


We at Diwa take pride in our innovative educational resources that are designed to create a more inclusive, cohesive, and productive teaching and learning environment.


They present concepts using various interactive content, augmented reality, and gamification to make a richer teaching and learning experience.


They are designed to be used in various teaching and learning scenarios: classroom, distance, or blended learning.


They are available in print and digital format, for online and offline teaching and learning.


They are complemented with professional and personal development programs for educators and learners.


They are aligned with the Department of Education’s curriculum, compliant with quality standards, and appropriate to the Philippine context.

Discover a world of limitless possibilities

with Diwa 5G Educational Resources!

Discover 5G
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Make teaching and learning more fun and engaging with Diwa 5G Textbooks, made even better with its breakthrough interactive digital format, design thinking learning approach, additional online content, and specialized resource materials for flexible learning.

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Provide students with additional knowledge with Supplemental Educational Magazines that offer an abundance of interactive, thematic, and high-interest content to support your curriculum and instructional requirements.


Embrace next level education with Genyo e-Learning, an integrated e-learning platform that takes instruction and assessment to the next level with rich curriculum-based content, a responsive support system, and a dynamic implementation program.


Redefine student learning with Checkbox, an adaptive online assessment portal that features a vast collection of gamified drills and activities in five major subject areas—all aligned with the K-to-12 curriculum.



Educational Resources

For S.Y. 2024-2025

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