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The MATATAG Curriculum Explained

Source: Department of Education

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What is it?

The Department of Education launched the MATATAG Curriculum as a recalibrated K to 10 curriculum under the K to 12 program.


The MATATAG Agenda

MAke the curriculum relevant to produce job-ready, active, and responsible citizens

TAke steps to accelerate the delivery of basic education services and provision facilities

TAke good care of learners by promoting learner well-being, inclusiveness learning, and positive learning environment

Give support for teachers to teach better


What are the objectives of the MATATAG Curriculum?

  • To decongest the overcrowded curriculum that resulted in compromised fundamental skills among learners

  • To make learning competencies age-appropriate and properly sequenced in terms of progression

  • To strengthen foundational skills like literacy and numeracy, and intensify values formation among learners

What are the main features of the
MATATAG Curriculum?

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What are the next steps for the
MATATAG Curriculum?

What are the next steps for the MATATAG Curriculum_.png
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