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To ensure the integrity of learning continuity, Diwa’s online gamified assessment portal (Checkbox) paves the way for a productive exchange of instructional feedback between teachers and students, made possible by the ready-made and customized drills and activities found in the platform.

  • The drills and activities found inside Checkbox are gamified to help students achieve mastery in Science, Mathematics, English, Filipino, and Araling Panlipunan while keeping them excited and interested. 


  • Checkbox has a rich question bank that contains activities and tests that are organized per unit and lesson as they appear in Diwa 5G Textbooks.


  • It creates a productive virtual interaction among learners through the Checkbox Leaderboard that determines their ranking in class, at a specific grade level, and in the entire school.

  • It provides teachers and students with a blended learning environment.


  • For Classroom and Remote Learning:

1. It can be used in conducting quizzes and seat works. 


2. It gives teachers an idea of whether or not their educational objectives are met through the system’s capability to monitor real-time insights on students’ performance.


3. It helps teachers identify topics and skills which their students are learning progressively, and those with which they still struggle. That way, they may create tailored drills and exercises that are aligned with the learning demands of students.

  • It promotes subject mastery and self-directed learning among students given that Checkbox can be accessed anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

  • A series of teacher and student orientations are conducted before the start of every school year to help schools maximize Checkbox’s usage in learning delivery and assessment.

  • The ready-made drills and activities present in Checkbox are reviewed by education specialists and consultants from renowned academic institutions in the country. 

  • Checkbox adheres to the minimum requirements of the Department of Education for Online Distance Learning/Blended Learning.

To know more about Diwa 5G Assessment, contact the Diwa Sales Representative assigned to your school.


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