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Authored by education specialists and refined through active research, Diwa 5G Textbooks provide teachers and learners with a clear roadmap for grade- and subject-specific knowledge goals. These textbooks are designed to provide clarity on key concepts and core ideas through their structured content, enhanced interactive features, and add-on resources.

  • To make learning more fun and engaging for students, we have introduced our Interactive Digital Textbooks, which are electronic versions of our Diwa Textbooks with additional leading-edge features.


Each learning material is broken down into digestible, easy-to-browse modules that incorporate visual elements. Each module also includes up to ten (10) interactive and gamified quizzes to help teachers assess their learners’ progress.


  • Teachers and students can access additional learning materials and activities found in Diwa Learning Town, a digital resource portal that contains educational resources in different subject areas.


•   For Classroom and Remote Learning: Diwa Textbooks provide educators with a detailed and chronological sequence of teaching procedures that he/she may implement in delivering lectures and assigning activities.

•  Diwa 5G Textbooks are ideal choices for online and modular distance learning:


1. For Online Distance Learning: Teachers can assign to his/her students the activities found inside the textbook during asynchronous learning sessions.


2. For Modular Distance Learning: Diwa 5G Textbooks can be used as primary resource materials for students during modular distance learning.


•    Aside from its printed copies, Diwa 5G Textbooks are available in downloadable eBook format which can be used by teachers and students for offline viewing.


•   Digital and interactive versions of Diwa 5G Textbooks can be accessed through Genyo e-Learning.


•   To help educators align their teaching style with the changing times, we conduct textbook utility seminars all-year-round to help them determine the best ways and practices to maximize Diwa 5G Textbooks in learning delivery. These trainings are conducted by textbook authors and subject matter experts.


•   To encourage innovative thinking and creative problem-solving in teachers and students, we have introduced the concept of design thinking as a learning approach by integrating it in the lessons and activities found inside the new titles of Diwa 5G Textbooks


•   Each textbook comes with an enriched and detailed Teacher’s Manual that encourages the use of varied, evidence-based pedagogical strategies.



•  The Diwa Learning Standards and Competency Matrix is available as a reference that shows what specific content and performance standards or learning competencies from the K-to-12 Curriculum Guide are present in the textbook or teacher’s manual.

•  New titles of Diwa 5G Textbooks include a Teacher’s Guide: A Modular Approach to Flexible Learning Delivery, a narrative matrix that divides the curriculum of a certain subject into small discrete modules as prescribed by the Department of Education’s Most Essential Learning Competencies (MELC). It also provides teaching instructions for both synchronous and asynchronous sessions.


To know more about Diwa 5G Textbooks, contact the Diwa Sales Representative assigned to your school.