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Naga City school uses e-learning to teach students about the electoral process

Minds That Matter students participate in their school elections through Genyo e-Learning

Civics and citizenship education is an essential part of a school’s curriculum. In efforts to bring the “real world” to the classroom, Minds That Matter, a school in Naga City, Camarines Sur, launched a program that let students experience a simulation of the electoral process.

Amelia Cadiz, the directress of Minds That Matter, initiated this student election exercise that was modeled after the electoral process in the Philippines where voters would visit respective districts and line up to enter the polling stations. Over 800 students participated in the election, which was conducted through the school’s learning management system, Genyo e-Learning (Genyo).

Genyo e-Learning, the first fully integrated online learning management system brought to the Philippines by Diwa Learning Systems Inc (Diwa) in 2007, houses rich, animated lessons and activities for the core subject areas – English, Science, Mathematics, Filipino, and Araling Panlipunan. Aside from these, Genyo has different features that schools can use to support their initiatives.

With the help of Diwa, Minds That Matter became the first school to conduct an online student election in Naga City. Working with the Diwa Learning Integration Specialist (LIS) assigned to the school, Minds That Matter guided teachers in preparing for the online election.

“Diwa was very supportive,” Cadiz shared. “They told us the ways where we can maximize the use of the e-learning system.”

According to Cadiz, for the elections, the school set up a room where students registered and used their account in Genyo to be able to vote. A live video was shared with the parents through Facebook Live. After the students voted, they were marked with indelible ink, imitating the process which is applied to voters.

Minds That Matter used Genyo’s survey feature to conduct their online election. Before adopting this system, the school conducted elections through manual voting. The slow process of counting and waiting for days to gather the results were taken out of the equation and consequently made a big difference in saving time.

Shift to e-learning

E-learning was introduced in Minds That Matter last July 2017. Genyo gave the school an easy transition from traditional delivery to online education. Since then, the school has utilized the different tools in Genyo to create ways to help teachers provide a modern and holistic learning experience to their students.

Cadiz hopes that the activity would help students become more aware of how actual voting works. Minds That Matter is planning to make the online election a regular process which helps in obtaining faster results and provide more applications for e-learning.

To learn more about Genyo and Diwa’s e-learning solutions, visit

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