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FAITH Colleges and Diwa Commit to Help Produce More Filipino Educators

Forty (40) incoming college students are set to begin their journey to be part of nation-building through education under the Diwa 40 Education Scholarship program by Diwa Learning Systems Inc (Diwa) and FAITH Colleges: First Asia Institute of Technology and Humanities.

(Diwa President, Ms. Elma L. Ropeta and FAITH Colleges President, Mr. Brian Vincent L. Belen, PhD sign the Diwa 40 Education Scholarship Memorandum of Agreement.)

The scholars will be given a full Bachelor's Degree in Education scholarship at FAITH Colleges, which includes coverage for their tuition, registration, miscellaneous, and dormitory fees. The scholarship grant will span four (4) school years beginning SY 2023-2024 to produce four (4) batches comprising twelve (12) scholars each for batches 2027 and 2028, and eight ( scholars each for batches 2029 and 2030.

The Diwa 40 Education Scholarship program is part of Diwa's celebration of its four (4) decades of bringing education to life and its continued commitment to helping students become active contributors to nation-building.

40 Years of Bringing Education to Life

Since 2013, Diwa has been sponsoring scholarships for Education students in FAITH Colleges under the Diwa-CEAP 30&75 Scholarship Program and the Diwa Leaders in Education Scholarship Program.

A partnership between Diwa and the Catholic Educational Association of the Philippines (CEAP), the Diwa-CEAP 30&75 Education Scholarship Program was launched in celebration of Diwa’s 30th year, and a lead-up to CEAP’s 75th anniversary. Its mission was to give deserving students a chance to fulfill their dream to become educators, and eventually become future leaders of Philippine education.

“[Diwa and CEAP] have not only given us a means of attaining a good education; [they] gave us a future,” said Cleo Thea Ong, one of the recipients of the scholarship grant who now works as a teacher.

All three batches of scholars from the Diwa-CEAP 30&75 Scholarship Program have graduated, with most of them working as educators in different parts of the country.

As Diwa continued to seek more opportunities to upgrade the status of teachers in our society, the Diwa Leaders in Education Scholarship Program was launched in 2018 for Diwa’s 35th anniversary, ushering in scholars for four consecutive school years. The first batch of scholars, which graduated in June 2022, produced five Latin honorees. To date, 42 scholars under this program are currently enrolled in FAITH Colleges, 18 of which are set to complete their degree in Education in 2023.

The newly launched Diwa 40 Education Scholarship program aims to help mold a new generation of potential teachers to be catalysts for change and innovators in education. It is a milestone activity of Diwa’s 40th year anniversary.

“We are grateful that young bright minds have chosen to enter the teaching profession in the hopes of making a difference in the lives of millions of learners nationwide,” said Diwa’s President Ms. Elma L. Ropeta.

“We know that their idealism, drive, and skill can slowly but surely change the education landscape for the better.”

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