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Teachers showcase creativity in vlog competition

Being a teacher is not any easier during these challenging times. This prompted Ms. Jeska P. Lampa, a senior high school teacher at Pateros Catholic School, to create a video blog (vlog) for students and educators about mental health in the midst of the abrupt changes in education.

Her informative work won the first prize for the National Capital Region (NCR) and United Arab Emirates (UAE) category at the recently concluded Teki si Titser Vlog Contest, a nationwide competition that showcases educators’ creativity and ingenuity. Organized by Diwa Learning Systems, Inc. (Diwa) and Genyo e-Learning (Genyo), the tilt offers a competitive space where teachers can create multimedia content about relevant and contemporary social issues.

Ms. Lampa expressed her thoughts about the need to make mental health a priority in education. She asserted that high levels of mental health are associated with increased learning, productivity, and improved physical health.

She also highlighted the importance of creating a self-care plan for teachers and students that includes allotting time for personal activities, setting boundaries when working or studying from home, and prioritizing tasks based on urgency and importance.

The other winners are Mr. Roel D. Baron and Mr. Paul John Gojar from Mary Help of Christians School, Inc. for North Luzon; Mr. Arnel R. Padilla, Mr. Ruel S. Lata, and Mr. Jericho P. Sandoval from Padre Vicente Garcia Memorial Academy, Inc. for South Luzon; and Ms. Hanna E. Cantabaco and Mr. Maynard Pillodar from Assumption Academy Peñaplata for Visayas and Mindanao.

Their vlog entries focused on the key roles of educators in the ‘new normal’ and effective strategies and pedagogies for online teaching and learning.

The winning entries were uploaded to the portal and social media page of Genyo. It will also be featured in the upcoming issue of GNews, a newsletter published by Diwa that contains articles and stories about best e-learning practices. The winners received an e-certificate and a cash prize.

About Diwa and Genyo e-Learning

Diwa is a trusted provider of top-of-the line print and digital K-to-12 educational resources to schools all over the Philippines.

One of the solutions they offer is a learning management system called Genyo e-Learning that takes instruction and assessment to the next level with rich curriculum-based content, a responsive support system, and a dynamic implementation program. It is widely used in Philippine schools, as well as some educational institutions in the UAE.

Through contests like Teki si Titser, they hope to express their continuous solidarity in enabling the unhampered delivery of quality education and learning opportunities despite adversities.

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