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Education publisher spearheads remote student competitions

Picture on frame contest entry of senior high school student Vanessa Mel P. Nicolas

Extracurricular activities during the pandemic provide students with a sense of normalcy and social connection. Hence, several student competitions were organized by Diwa Learning Systems, Inc. (Diwa) and Genyo e-Learning (Genyo) to enable engagement and promote creativity among learners amid uncertainty.

The I Am a Cyberhero Contest is a nationwide tilt for students aimed to discover and harness their full potential despite the challenges of distance learning. It has two categories: a photo essay contest for grade school and junior high school and a character on frame competition for senior high school.

For the photo essay contest, students were asked to present a narrative through a series of images. Their output should convey the importance of empathy from the perspective of today’s youth. After a rigorous selection process, four (4) entries per grade school and junior high school category were recognized as winners.

Antonio Olasco III, a grade school student from Ford Academy of the Arts Inc., won the first prize in the Visayas and Mindanao category for his photo essay that highlighted the need to listen and respond to others with greater awareness, acceptance, and kindness, especially when times are tough.

For the character on frame competition, students were instructed to create a traditional or digital sketch of a person/people who they think play a very important role in the recovery and progress of their respective communities or the country in general.

Senior high school student Vanessa Mel P. Nicolas from Sacred Heart Academy took home the first prize with her entry that honors the indomitable spirit of teachers in the face of adversities.

The winning entries were uploaded to the portal and social media page of Genyo. It will also be featured in the upcoming issue of GNews, a newsletter published by Diwa that contains articles and stories about best e-learning practices. The winners received an e-certificate and a cash prize.

About Diwa and Genyo e-Learning

Diwa is a trusted provider of top-of-the line print and digital K-to-12 educational resources to schools all over the Philippines.

One of the education solutions they offer is a learning management system called Genyo e-Learning that takes instruction and assessment to the next level with rich curriculum-based content, a responsive support system, and a dynamic implementation program. It is widely used in Philippine schools, as well as some Originally offered in Philippine schools, it is also now being utilized as an e-learning platform in some educational institutions in the UAE.

Through contests like I Am a Cyberhero Contest, they hope to express their continuous solidarity in enabling the unhampered delivery of quality education and learning opportunities despite adversities.

Photo essay entry of grade school student Antonio Olasco III

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