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We make teaching and learning possible, all the time, everywhere.

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We are DIWA

We are Diwa.

We are Diwa Learning Systems Inc., the leading provider of print and digital K-to-12 educational resources in the Philippines. ​ 


Inspired by our goal to give education the attention it deserves, we help teachers to accomplish their mission of nation-building; students to become active contributors to the country’s progress; and schools to create a teaching and learning environment that defies any boundaries.


We are Diwa. We make teaching and learning possible all the time, everywhere.

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We at Diwa Learning Systems Inc celebrate 40 years of partnership with educators, school leaders, learners, and parents in making learning possible anytime, anywhere.

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Education. Evolved.

While the shift from in-school to remote learning has been abrupt and unprecedented, we at Diwa have been more than ready to serve the needs of our stakeholders by offering the next generation of digital and printed learning resources that are designed to make teaching and learning happen in the classroom, at home, or anywhere. 


Diwa 5G is an innovative suite of educational resources that provides rich learning experiences for students, inspires creativity and productivity in educators, and amplifies the power of schools to change lives. 


We at Diwa take pride in our innovative educational resources that are designed to create a more inclusive, cohesive, and productive teaching and learning environment.

Diwa 5G Products

Education Highlights

Education Highlights
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