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Taguig school conquers distance learning through strategic partnerships

Learning and innovation go hand in hand. For the teachers of Sto. Niño Catholic School (SNCS) in Taguig City, this means adopting digital educational platforms ahead of the curve, and fully and creatively utilizing them in order to adapt to any education disruption.

When the abrupt shift to distance learning happened in SY 2020-2021, SNCS was quick to take the online distance learning route, putting their trust in an e-learning partner that met their needs. This gave them an advantage once the implementation of the online and modular distance learning modalities was mandated by the Department of Education.

Together with an e-learning partner, SNCS empowered educators to ensure that learning continued for their students amidst COVID-19. Their teachers, in turn, found ways to make the most of their learning management system in order to create rich and engaging learning experiences for their students despite the distance.

For SNCS teacher Nemesia Glaraga, who also uses the school’s chosen e-learning platform as a parent, keeping track of both her students’ and children's learning and academic success was made possible and more convenient through the platform.

“[The platform’s features such as] Assignments, Quizzes, Lessons, and Announcement were all very useful in the learning process,” she shares.

Working with a credible partner

The implementation of in-person classes or hybrid flexible learning modalities might mean that schools are headed again to uncharted waters. But with the right amount of preparation and with the right education partner, schools can maintain their ground amid disruptions.

As the leading educational resource provider in the Philippines, Diwa Learning Systems Inc has been helping schools create boundless teaching and learning environments through printed K-to-12 textbooks and magazines, and digital resources like Genyo e-Learning, the country’s pioneer learning management system.

For 15 years now, Genyo e-Learning has helped schools attain Next Level Education by providing them with an end-to-end solution consisting of ready-made digital content and textbooks, rigorous training efforts, round-the-clock helpdesk support, dialogue sessions with stakeholders, and learning continuity plan assistance.

With SNCS being a Genyo e-Learning partner for two years, their teachers have been able to fully utilize and maximize the tools and resources provided by the platform, especially for distance learning.

“I was able to hook the interest of the learners the first time I used the Genyo FlashCard and it served as the springboard of our discussion,” shares SNCS teacher Bernadette Ugay. “Learners are comfortable with addressing their concerns as they respond to the Genyo Survey. As the facilitator of learning and upon checking the Genyo Survey analysis, I was able to use and interpret the data on what they know, how much they need to know, as well how they feel about the lesson.”

She also appreciates that the platform makes collaboration possible between teachers and peers with its Genyo Assignment features. “The Genyo Rubric that is incorporated in Genyo Assignment brings out the creativity for both learners and educators. Likewise, the Automated Assessment Tools like Genyo Quiz helps both learners and educators for immediate feedback.”

Teacher Nemesia Glaraga states that Genyo e-Learning aided SNCS teachers in posting activities and assessing students' learning through asynchronous chores such as seat works, assignments, and even games.

“For the last two years, Genyo e-Learning has served as a bridge between students, teachers, and the virtual school as they face the obstacles of learning amid a pandemic,” she shares. “Students were able to perform and display their best selves via the activities and schoolwork they contributed through the platform.”

Teacher Bernadette Ugay credits the e-learning platform for making distance education possible despite the challenges brought about by the pandemic.

“Our educational system may not go back to the way it used to be, but with Genyo e-Learning, we will be able to thrive to achieve 21st-century skills.”

For more information about Genyo e-Learning, visit

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