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Bulacan school excels through e-learning

Teacher Evangeline Vargas conducts lessons to grade school students through Genyo e-Learning

Seven years since it took the path of effective multimedia learning, Meycauayan College in Bulacan has been utilizing technology to create a better teaching and learning environment with their learning management system of choice, Genyo e-Learning (Genyo).

Genyo e-Learning, the first fully integrated online learning management system brought to the Philippines by Diwa Learning Systems Inc (Diwa) in 2007, stores rich lessons and activities for core subject areas - English, Science, Mathematics, Filipino, and Araling Panlipunan. It has enabled teachers from Meycauayan College to engage their students more because of its interactive lessons.

E-learning has made teaching easier for educators like Madilyn Echon. Echon has been teaching for 9 years in Meycauayan College and has since become a favorite among students because of how she has made lessons more interesting through e-learning.

Since its introduction in the school, e-learning has become a huge part of Madilyn’s teaching methods. After every lecture, her students would go to the computer lab to answer short quizzes in Genyo. After finishing, students would always look forward to playing the different educational games housed in the learning management system.

Teacher Evangeline Vargas, on the other hand, is a pro when it comes to developing the right lesson plans that will make her students enjoy the learning process. Having more than 20 years of teaching experience under her belt, it was not hard for Evangeline to transition from traditional teaching methods.

“With the traditional way, teachers had to be really creative to get students’ attention,” Vargas shares. “Genyo makes lesson planning easier for us teachers.

The patience and hard work that comes with adapting to the K-to-12 educational system has also paid off when it comes to students’ performance, with Vargas observing how Genyo has improved the knowledge retention of students and resulted in students getting higher grades.

Another thing that stands out since the school's inclusion of e-learning is the improvement in students’ motivation. Both Echon and Vargas share that ever since e-learning came along, there was a boost in the enthusiasm of students to learn and take part in class discussions.

Echon and Vargas are just two of the many teachers of Meycauayan College who have become adaptive to the ever-changing landscape of education with the use of Genyo. As e-learning grows in Philippine education, Meycauayan College continues to be one of its advocates, exploring new ways to make learning more dynamic for students.

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