THE FUTURE OF EDUCATION IS HERE: Online Training Blazes the Trail for Hybrid Flexible Learning

As schools approach the end of S.Y. 2020-2021, this is the perfect time for educators to assess the teaching and learning experience they have created during the year of the pandemic. Which methods were successful and what could be done better? Addressing this need is the main goal of the second season of Diwa iFLEx for Home-Based Education (Diwa iFLEx). The first of five learning sessions was held last March 05, Friday, and was attended by around a thousand educators from the National Capital Region (NCR) and Dubai.

Diwa iFLEx is a training program geared to inspire excellence and creativity in educators for the effective delivery of lessons from school to home using the different combinations of Diwa educational resources, both wired and non-wired.

This year’s Diwa iFLEx sheds light on the possible changes in the education system in the post-COVID-19 future. Specifically, it focused on the concept of Hybrid Flexible Learning, an instructional approach that combines face-to-face and online learning. It also highlighted how schools can empower relevant stakeholders to become co-animators in this new era of education.

Mr. Edizon A. Fermin, Ph.D., Vice President of Academic Affairs of National Teachers College, was the learning session’s thought leader. He is an expert on e-learning, literacy, teacher education, sociolinguistics, students affairs program development, and curriculum development.